Agenor is a professional visual artist based in

the United States. His artistic career spans 25 years

and three continents. Born in Cuba, he started traveling

very early in his life.


He began his career at the age of 16, with his first solo

exhibition at the Gallery of the French Lyceum in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Since then, his solo exhibitions, which number in the dozens, have

taken place is such diverse places as Finland, Portugal, Norway, etc.,

the most recent of these taking place in the Baltic Contemporary Art

Gallery in Slupsk, Poland.


Although a painter by heart, Agenor has worked in many other

fields related to the fine arts. He has illustrated magazines, books

and collections of books in a number of publishing houses in both

Latin America and Europe. He produced animated short films for MTV.

He has also had an extensive career teaching art in schools, institutes

and universities in Uruguay, Finland, Norway and the United States.


In 2007, at first in cooperation with the Rauma Art Museum, he started

the Survival Map Project, an interactive mural made by both the

artist and the general public which has been developed along the years,

in different versions, in cities and towns of Europe and Latin America.

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714 Bryan Pl., 48503, Flint, Michigan, United States.

Ph: 18108755406.

(Havana, 1978) Professional visual artist.

University Studies:

-University of the Republic. Montevideo, Uruguay, 1994. Visual Arts.

-Universidad Central, Montevideo, Uruguay, 1995. Fine Arts.

-Catholic University. Montevideo, Uruguay, 1998. Fine Arts.

-University of the Americas, Montevideo, Uruguay, 1998-2003.
Communication Sciences.

-University of the Americas, Montevideo, Uruguay, 1999-2004. Advertising.

Work as Illustrator:

“Xicoatl” magazine-Viena, Austria, 1993.

“Diners” magazine-, Montevideo, Uruguay,1993.

“Fureur de lire”, French Lyceum Official Magazine-Montevideo, Uruguay,

“El Pais” Newspaper-Montevideo, Uruguay, 1994-1995.

“CULTURA” Central Bank´s Official Magazine- Montevideo, Uruguay, 1996-1999.

“Solo de Musica Cubana”, Abya Yala Publishing House- Montevideo, Uruguay, 1999.

“Skies”magazine, official publication of the Icaro Airlines-
Montevideo, Uruguay, 2000-2004.

“Circo del Nuevo Mundo”, Ediciones Sevilla, Spain, 2004.

Painting(Solo Exhibitions):

-French Lyceum Gallery, Montevideo, Uruguay,1994.

-Benjamin Carrion Cultural Center, Montevideo, Uruguay,1998.

-Metropolitan Touring Gallery, Montevideo, Uruguay, 1999.

-Sheraton Hotel Gallery, Montevideo, Uruguay, 2000.

-Aldas and Nin Gallery, Malaga, Spain, 2001.

-Gonzalez Guzman Gallery, Montevideo, Uruguay, 2002.

-Candomble Gallery, Panama City, 2004.

-Gallery Punctum, Sevilla, Spain, 2005.

-Paradiso Gallery, Barcelona, Spain, 2008.

-Rochester Art´s Council Gallery, Rochester, NY, united states, 2009

-Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art, Slupsk, Poland, 2014

-Divagar Cultural Center, Lisbon, Portugal, 2016


Pocitos Academy, Montevideo, Uruguay (Drawing professor)-1994-1997.

Leonardo Da Vinci Art Institute (Early Art Education School), Montevideo,

Uruguay (Drawing and Color Theory Teacher)-1997-1998.

Cotopaxi Academy, Montevideo, Uruguay (Art teacher: Drawing)-2005-2006.

University of Turku, Rauma, Finland (Alternative Art Education course)-2007.

Lonstrom Art Museum, Rauma, Finland (Latinamerican Arts workshop)-2007.

City of Kemi Art Museum, kemi, Finland (Latinamerican Art course), 2008.

Creative Workshop, Memorial Art Gallery (Assimilated to the University of
Rochester), Rochester, NY, U.S. (Comic and Illustration techniques

Haapavesi Folk School (Art Theory teacher for the art teachers of the Haapavesi

Region School System), Haapavesi, Finland-2014-2016.

Artist in Residence Programs and Fellowships:

-La Cuneta, Asociación Cultural, Montevideo, Uruguay-2002.

-Ayaguasca, Centro Integrado del Artista Urbano, Asunción, Paraguay-2003.

-Raumars, Rauma Art Museum AIR Program, Rauma, Finland-2007.

-Kokar AIR Program, Kokar, Aland Islands, Finland-2007.

-Karsamaki Artist in Residence Program, Haapavesi, Finland-2014

-Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art, Slupsk, Poland- 2014

-Nordic Art School, Kokkola, Finland-2016

-Perrong Artist in Residence Program, Finland-2016.

-Oficina Divagar Cultural Center, Lisboa, Portugal-2016.


Murals, public commissions:


-Tacuarembó City Hall, Tacuarembó, Uruguay- Mural for public space-1999

-Rauma Art Museum, Rauma, Finland-2007.

**The Interactive mural project, Survival Map, was developed in the
city of Rauma, Finland between 2007 and 2008.This project was commissioned
by the Rauma Art Museum.

-Survival Map interactive mural project (Polish version) City of
Ustka, Poland, Baltic Contemporary Art Gallery, Poland, 2014.

-Survival Map (Central Ostrobothnia version). Part of the permanent
collection, R.H Renlund Museum of Art, Kokkola, Finland. 2016.

-Barrio Alto Cultural Center (Mural), Lisboa, Portugal, 2016

Presence in private and public collections:

-Haapalainen Private Collection, Helsinki, Finland.

-Rauma Art Museum Collection, Rauma, Finland.

-Linne Private Collection, Alvik, Norway.

-Bulevardi 7 Gallery Permanent Collection, Helsinki, Finland.

-Survival Map (Central Ostrobothnia version). Part of the Permanent
Collection, R.H Renlund Museum of Art, Kokkola, Finland.

-Benedetti Private Collection, Como, Italy.

-Nuñes Private Collection, Lisbon, Portugal.